Getting Support


If you are looking for more general answers about Radix, the Radix Knowledge Base provides an ever-expanding resource of frequently asked questions and guides.

Ask and Discuss

Radix is an open source, community supported project. Whether you are a user, developer, or node-runner, the best place to go to get live answers to your questions is the Radix Discord server. There you’ll find both members of the Radix community and Radix developer team who can assist.

Get Ready to Build

If you are a developer interested in building on Radix, we’d like to know who you are so we can keep you in the loop as we add many more developer-oriented features in the coming months, including our forthcoming unique smart contract development language, Scrypto. Please fill out our developer survey form.


The Radix ecosystem is also supported by the Radix Foundation - a non-profit organization of Radix’s original creators and developers. If you have a specific inquiry about integrating the Radix token, building on Radix, or partnering with Radix, please reach out at