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All Scrypto documentation has moved to the Babylon documentation site.

This page has been preserved so as not to break existing links out in the world, but its content is no longer being updated.

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Updating Scrypto to the latest version

When a new version of Scrypto is released, it is recommended to update your toolchain to benefit from the latest changes. To update to the latest version, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal, or the PowerShell if you are on Window

  2. Update Rust compiler to the latest

    rustup update stable
  3. Go into the radixdlt-scrypto directory, that was created when you installed the toolchain

    cd radixdlt-scrypto
    • If you can’t find this directory, just clone the Scrypto repository again with:

      git clone
      cd radixdlt-scrypto
  4. Pull the latest changes with:

    git pull origin main
  5. Reinstall the simulator with:

    cargo install --path ./simulator
  6. Reset your simulator with:

    resim reset