Updating Scrypto to the latest version

When a new version of Scrypto is released, it is recommended to update your toolchain to benefit from the latest changes. To update to the latest version, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal, or the PowerShell if you are on Window

  2. Install LLVM and restart your terminal

    • On Windows install LLVM with the LLVM Installer.

    • On Linux (Ubuntu):

      sudo apt-get install llvm
    • Restart terminal

  3. Update Rust compiler to the latest

    rustup update stable
  4. Go into the radixdlt-scrypto directory, that was created when you installed the toolchain

    cd radixdlt-scrypto
    • If you can’t find this directory, just clone the Scrypto repository again with:

      git clone https://github.com/radixdlt/radixdlt-scrypto.git
      cd radixdlt-scrypto
  5. Pull the latest changes with:

    git pull origin main
  6. Reinstall the simulator with:

    cargo install --path ./simulator
  7. Reset your simulator with:

    resim reset