Transaction Fees on the Radix network


Transaction fees are a small amount of XRD that must be paid with each transaction processed by the Radix Public Network. Transaction fees are burned by the Radix Protocol, reducing the total supply of XRD.

The purpose of this fee is to ensure that the transaction creator is fairly paying for the burden they place on the network with their transactions. Because Radix is very efficient, its fees are generally quite low – for example a simple token send generally costs less than 0.1 XRD.

Transaction fees are defined by a fee schedule that is included in the Radix protocol. Radix intends for the costs represented by this schedule to remain relatively stable in fiat value terms. To begin on the Olympia network, this simply means that if XRD experiences a large sustained change in its fiat value, Radix may propose an update to the schedule to scale it to the new XRD value. In time, we expect that methods for automatic decentralized repricing may even become possible.

When using the Radix Node API’s /construction endpoint for transactions, the build step will automatically return the correct transaction fee for what was requested. See Radix Node API for more.

For more information on how fees are included in the structure of transactions, see Transaction Model.

Current Schedule of Transaction Fees

Different types of transactions create different kinds of burden on the network and its nodes via various types of "action". Many individual actions may be included in a single transaction, and so transaction fees depend on the list of actions included in the transaction – as well as the transaction’s overall byte size.

Table 1. Table of transaction fee types on the Radix Public Network
Fee type Fee amount

Overall transaction size (including messages)

0.0002 XRD per byte

Stake any amount of XRD tokens to a validator

0.5 XRD per stake action

Unstake any amount of XRD tokens from a validator

0.5 XRD per unstake action

Register a validator node to the network

5 XRD per registration action

Update a validator node’s metadata

5 XRD per item of metadata updated

Create a new token type with its own symbol, name, and supply

100 XRD per token type creation