Overview of the Radix Wallet & Radix Explorer

Until the Radix mainnet launch on July 28th, the only publicly available network is our "Stokenet" test network, intended for testing by Radix team and community node-runners.

During this period, the latest build of the Stokenet Radix Desktop Wallet is available on GitHub (please look for the build marked Latest release), and a Stokenet Radix Explorer is also provided.

These are intended to support node-runner testing, and are not recommended for the general public. The mainnet Wallet and Explorer will be released by July 28th.

Radix provides web and desktop applications to help users, node-runners, and developers use and explore the Radix network. For information on connecting to, downloading, installing, and using these applications, please visit learn.radixdlt.com. Here’s a brief overview of these applications:

Radix Desktop Wallet

The Radix Desktop Wallet is an application for macOS, Windows, and Linux that allows anyone to hold, manage, and stake XRD tokens – as well as other tokens created by developers. In addition to common cryptocurrency wallet functionality, it provides a convenient interface for staking and unstaking tokens to validator nodes on the Radix network.

Validator node-runners have the ability to define an "owner" account from which to delegate stake of their own tokens to their node. This stake is visible to anyone in the explorer and demonstrates the commitment the node-runner has made to their own node.[1] To do this, validators should generate an account in the Desktop Wallet and set this as their owner account in the validator node configuration.

Full node-runners may wish to configure the Desktop Wallet to connect to their full-node to test that their JSON-RPC endpoints are working correctly.[1]

Radix Explorer

The Radix Explorer is a web application we have created for viewing information on the Radix network. The Explorer can be used to:

  • look up on-ledger data on specific accounts and transactions

  • view information on the current validator nodes for staking.

It’s a valuable tool for users, node-runners, and developers to quickly get access to up-to-the-minute on-ledger information.

1. Some functionality may not be available at the start of betanet.