Setting up your IDE

An IDE, which stands for Integrated Development Environment, is like a text editor, but with added features to help you while programming. For writing Scrypto code you will need to install an IDE with rust support (because Scrypto is built on top of Rust). After installing the Scrypto toolchain and rust compiler you are ready to configure your IDE to start programming.


For the IDE, we highly recommend you choose VSCode. Here are the steps you should take to set it up.

  1. Start by installing VSCode by following the instructions here

  2. Install the rust-analyzer extension. This will give you syntax highlighting and code suggestion while you write your Scrypto code.

    1. Click on the extension icon on the left panel: VSCode extension button

    2. Search for "rust-analyzer"

    3. Click on install: rust-analyzer installation page

You are now ready to start writing your first Scrypto blueprint. Head over to the Run Your First Project page to start.