Upgrading a Docker Node installation

These instructions will show you how to upgrade Radix nodes installed as docker instances. The instructions apply to:

  • Full nodes

  • Validator nodes

  • Archive nodes

Please read the instructions all the way through first, before applying the changes.

1. Make a Copy of your Docker Compose script

If you are running a full node or a validator node, then the file is radix-fullnode-compose.yml. The compose script for an archive node is radix-archivenode-compose.yml. Copy the file to another directory in case you need to restore the node later one.

2. Shutdown Docker

If you’re running a full node or a validator node, then shut down your instance using the following command:

docker-compose -f radix-fullnode-compose.yml down

If you’re running an archive node, then use radix-archivenode-compose.yml script in the shutdown command:

docker-compose -f radix-archivenode-compose.yml down

3. Download the latest Docker Compose Script

Go to https://github.com/radixdlt/radixdlt/releases and look for the entry with the Latest release marker.

If you’re running a full node or a validator node then use wget to download the radix-fullnode-compose.yml file.

wget -O radix-fullnode-compose.yml https://github.com/radixdlt/radixdlt/releases/download/1.0-beta.35.1/radix-fullnode-compose.yml

If you’re running an archive node then you’ll need to retrieve radix-archivenode-compose.yml.

wget -O radix-archivenode-compose.yml https://github.com/radixdlt/radixdlt/releases/download/1.0-beta.35.1/radix-archivenode-compose.yml

4. Restart Docker

You can restart Docker immediately, and it will build your new node service with the compose script you have just downloaded.

If you’re running a full node or a validator node, then execute the restart command with the radix-fullnode-compose.yml script:

RADIXDLT_NETWORK_NODE=ip_of_node_closest_to_you  RADIXDLT_NODE_KEY_PASSWORD=passw0rdOfYourCho1ce docker-compose -f radix-fullnode-compose.yml up -d

As always, use the radix-archivenode-compose.yml script in the terminal command if you’re running an archive node.

RADIXDLT_NETWORK_NODE=ip_of_node_closest_to_you  RADIXDLT_NODE_KEY_PASSWORD=passw0rdOfYourCho1ce docker-compose -f radix-archivenode-compose.yml up -d