Radix Node API Specification

Quick API Reference

To provide the most convenient summary of the Radix Node API, we maintain a Postman specification. This organizes the API’s methods by endpoint, and includes syntax and examples for each. Postman’s app is also a great way to experiment with API calls.

We also offer a parallel Stokenet version of the Postman specification. The contents are the same, but it targets Stokenet for testing.

Transaction Action Reference

One of the most important and complex API methods is construction.build_transaction, which allows developers to request the build of transactions that include nearly any action possible using Radix – and even construction of multi-action transactions. For an up-to-date list of the actions that the API supports, see the API section of our GitHub repo directly.

Complete Open RPC API Specification

Finally, for the most complete description of every method supported by the Radix Node API, we maintain an Open RPC specification on GitHub. Open RPC is a useful standard for APIs, open-rpc.org themselves offer a Playground for viewing Open RPC specifications.