Radix Node and Gateway Overview

Radix Olympia runs using two distinct services:

  • A Radix Node is a participant in the Radix Network. The node can be deployed in a number of configurations to perform the role of a validator, or to act as a full node and index the ledger. The node exposes the System API for monitoring and the Core API for reading low-level ledger state and submitting transactions.

  • A Network Gateway acts as a point of entry into the network for most clients, serving requests from wallets and explorers about the ledger state, and facilitating easy transaction building and submission onto the network. A Network Gateway sits in front of one or more full nodes, and makes use of their Core APIs to interface with the Network.

This is supported by:

Which services should I run?

For account balance queries, or queries of historic ledger state, you will need to use the Gateway API, and for that, you will need to run a Network Gateway as well as a Radix Node.

If you only need a Core API, or to run a node or validator, you can run a Radix Node.