Radix APIs


Radix offers a few different APIs, for different use cases. Notably:

The Gateway API is exposed by the Network Gateway, and is a high-level API intended for use by Wallets and Explorers. It can be used for reading account balances, high-level transaction details, and efficient queries of historic ledger state, and can be used for transaction construction.

The Core API is one of the Node APIs and exposed by Radix Nodes. It is designed to run on a private network, and be used for low level access to the ledger state. It provides an optional transaction stream, and inefficient queries of current ledger state. It also provides transaction construction capabilities, and allows for signing messages with the node’s private key, where enabled. It does not expose the ability to efficiently query account balances.

Interacting with the APIs

Both APIs are built with the JSON-RPC paradigm[1], and have their Open API specifications available. This specifications page includes links to Postman and Redocly with further information.

You can interact with the APIs using clients generated against the Open API specifications, or can use any tool, framework, or language as long as it supports the HTTP protocol.

We have prepared a guide on manually making Gateway API calls, which explains how to make manual requests to create a token or transfer tokens using the Radix Gateway API. A full guide of what’s available is in our Gateway API docs.

1. A good introduction to the JSON-RPC specification is available on Wikipedia