The Gateway API

The Gateway API is provided by a Network Gateway service.

If you wish to interact with the Gateway API, you will need to select such a service:

  • The Radix Wallet and Explorer use the Radix-run Network Gateway (see below).

  • If you are making manual / ad-hoc queries (e.g. to create a token on the Olympia network), you can also make use of the Radix-run Network Gateway (see below).

  • If you’re developing an application against the Gateway API, you should run your own Network Gateway. This ensures the Gateway is run to your requirements and trust profile.

Making requests to the Radix-run Network Gateway

If you wish to make manual / ad-hoc requests to the Radix-run Gateway API, you should make a request to, with a header of X-Radixdlt-Target-Gw-Api: <Gateway API Open-Api-Version>. At the launch of Olympia v1.1.0, this header would be X-Radixdlt-Target-Gw-Api: 1.0.2. The Open API version may be found in the Postman docs.

Currently, if any X-Radixdlt-Target-Gw-Api header is present on the request, the request will be routed to the Gateway API - although we reserve the right to run multiple versions of the Gateway API in future, and use the header’s value to select the right version of the Gateway API to route requests to. Currently, if the X-Radixdlt-Target-Gw-Api header is not present, requests will be routed to the Archive API, instead of the Gateway API.

Example requests are available in the Making API Calls guide or in the Postman docs.

Detailed specification

Check out the Api Specification page for full details on the various endpoints offered by the Gateway API, and how to interact with them.