Radix API Specifications

Open API Reference

Each of our APIs are documented in Open API format. The Open API Spec contains documentation, which is rendered on ReDocly.

As per the latest release, the reference material is as follows:

ReDocly renders the docs best (particularly for the Core API), but Postman is useful for giving you code to try out requests yourself.

ReDocly Tips

  • If ReDocly is failing to load, try ticking/unticking the "CORS" checkbox

  • To see the response schema, be sure to click on the green > 200 [Response Name] block to expand it

Transaction Action Reference

One of the most important and API actions is to build a transaction. This allows developers to request the build of transactions that include nearly any action possible using Radix – and even construction of multi-action transactions. For information on the build transaction functionality exposed by the Gateway API, see the Transaction Build request body schema on ReDocly or check out our Gateway API Guide.

If you need even more flexibility during transaction building, this is offered by the Core API.