Network APIs
  • 02 Feb 2024
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Network APIs

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Article summary

Main APIs

Radix currently offers a couple of key APIs, targeted to different use cases.

New State APIs are currently being worked on which will enable easier access to current state, as per the Gateway Roadmap. These APIs will likely be exposed by the node, and publicly by the foundation. More detail will follow soon.

Core API

Key Links: Full Core API Documentation | Core API Providers | Typescript Core API SDK

The Core API provides low-level and high-level abstractions, and includes:

  • The long-term support “LTS” sub-api, designed for financial integrators.

  • Access to the current ledger state

  • Transaction preview, submission + status flow

  • A committed transaction stream, at varying abstraction levels

The Core API is exposed by Radix nodes. It is predominantly intended as a private API, but there are some RPC providers offering it for public integrations.

Gateway API

Key Links: Full Gateway API Documentation | Gateway API Providers | Typescript Gateway API SDK

The Gateway API provides low-level and high-level abstractions, but is primarily intended for use by dApp website frontends and general network clients like dashboards. It can be used for:

  • Reading the state of accounts or other components

  • Transaction preview, submission + status flow; including managing of resubmissions on behalf of users

  • A filterable committed transaction history

  • Queries of historic ledger state

The Gateway API is exposed by the Network Gateway, and available provided by Gateway API Providers.

Community APIs

If the Core and Gateway APIs don’t currently meet your needs, members of the community have built their own APIs, which may have just the endpoint you’re looking for.

These are unvetted

Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement or make any claims of correctness or stability. Please look at the individual service for more details, and judge for yourself if it fits your needs.

If you are are responsible for providing an API service and would like it to be included here, please get in touch on Discord or at


Key Links: Website | Telegram Channel

RadixAPI provides additional endpoints and functionality to the official Gateway API to make it easier to obtain specific data. These include:

  • Creating and verifying ROLA challenges

  • Finding the owners of a fungible or non fungible resource

  • Finding the owners of validator stake and pool unit tokens

  • Receiving all transaction data via WebSocket

  • …and more

Other APIs

System API

Key Links: Full System API Documentation

Radix Nodes also expose the System API, which can be used for debugging the node. Its documentation is available on ReDocly here.

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