Last updated 20 days ago

Can I have several nodes/clients behind the same IP address?

Yes. You may have multiple nodes behind a single IP address but it doesn't necessarily mean that you increase the chance of earning more rewards.

Do I require a static IP address to run a node?

Yes, you need a static IP address ro run a node. In most cases you will have configure your router to port forward. A static IP address gives a fixed address to your computer on the local network at your business. Port forwarding is used by computers on the Internet to connect to a specific device on your internal network. To set up port forwarding, you must assign specific ports or a range of ports to a specific IP address.

How do I get one?

You get a static IP address from our internet service provider or the easier option is to run the node on a VPS with a static IP.

What are the minimum hardware requirements to run a node?

The current requirements are

  • 2 CPU cores

  • 8 GB memory

  • 256 GB disk

Is there a guide to set up a node?

The guide to help you get started with the node-client software is published. You can take a look here. We will notify you when the public node client is released if are signed-up to our mailing list. Nodes will be easy to setup.

Do you need Radix tokens to host a node?

No, Radix does not requires any tokens to host a node.

Is there a main net or testnet to test or run a node?

There’s a private testnet on https://explorer.radixdlt.com/, but no public testnet yet, there will be open developer betas in the near future though, so we suggest signing up for the mailing list :)

The public alpha node client will be released soon. Stay tuned on Telegram or subscribe to the node runner newsletter